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driftwood dining table
Driftwood dining table

Driftwood dining table

Reclaimed raw teak

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Product Description

Our selection of teak furniture is designed to highlight the natural beauty of timber. Ideally suited to contemporary homes, each individual piece is characterised by the teak’s unique lines, knots and texture. Teak is a dense hardwood with a high oil content, renown for durability and strength each piece is as enduring as it is individual.

The Environment: This furniture is made from reclaimed and plantation teak. The reclaimed teak is carefully recovered from old abandoned buildings in Java. The plantations were established by the Dutch in Java and are today strictly regulated by an environmental agency of the Indonesian Government with policies to regulate size, quality and replanting of the trees.

Sizes Available (width x height x depth)

80 x 76 x 160

90 x 76 x 180

100 x 76 x 200

100 x 76 x 220

100 x 76 x 250

120 x 76 x 300

120 x 76 x 400

120 x 76 x 500

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